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Tips for designing a small garden

No matter how small a garden is, in our current life, this space means the closest contact with nature within our immediate surroundings.

Many times it plays an important role, since it serves as a refuge to isolate us from everyday pressures, a place of relaxation to recharge our batteries or it can be the only place where our children can play safely.

That is why when designing this space, it is necessary to ask ourselves two simple questions: What do I have? and what do I want?

The first refers to the aspects of the garden: size, shape, location, amount of sun, amount of shade, etc. The second, try to answer how to use it.

The answers are varied, but in reality they will be adjusted to the possibilities of the expenses that may arise, to the amount of work that you want to do, that is, if a more complex or less complex landscape is created. Also if it is decided to make the design in a single stage or in several. The important thing is to define the design and its details before starting.

To be successful, this design must adapt to the needs of everyone who will use it, so we must decide who these are from the beginning. For example, a garden to enjoy is not the same as having to spend a lot of time in a garden for a family with children and pets.

Whatever the needs, it is essential to make a list with all the members of the family since it is best to take into account all the demands at this stage and not have to add them later.

Tastes and preferences, how much time they will have to care for and maintain their garden or if they want to avoid it, this is decisive. Once you have these answers you can start thinking about the design.


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