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Express design

The "Express Design" is a service developed for the design of green spaces that do not require a technical visit, since the entire process is carried out completely virtual.

This service is ideal for the development of spaces such as side corridors, terraces, balconies, housing entrances, facades, patios and small gardens, none more than 50 m².

It is very convenient for people who work outside their home and their schedules do not allow them to accommodate a face-to-face visit or for people who require fast, functional and accessible solutions.

It is also a service under a modality that can be used by people who live in other remote places or even abroad.

The way of working is simple and is developed in 5 steps.



Fill out the form and send it back with the requested information.


Partial delivery of the work for review and adjustments.

Final delivery

Final delivery in PDF.

First deposit

Make the initial deposit to start the job.

Second deposit

Second and last deposit for final delivery.

Request your form

To begin with, you can make your inquiries or quote this service before starting.

Thank you for your inquiry!
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