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Choosing a garden style

Regardless of the shape and size before planning our garden in detail, we must have a clear mental image of how we want it to look.

What kind of environment do we want to create? Do we like defined and formal lines or rather a more natural look, emulating the capricious forms of nature?

To be clear about these questions, we can look for our source of inspiration in a magazine or photographs published in different media. However, it is not always easy since sometimes we like details of one and the other, putting us at a crossroads when it comes to defining ourselves.

This is not bad, we just have to consciously choose what best suits our space and how much time we want to dedicate to maintaining it.

Our lifestyle comes into play here since what we want is for our garden to serve us and not feel like slaves to it.

For this we must ensure that we have well defined the different audiences of the house or property and the uses that will be given to that space.

If you have the time and resources to give the landscape good maintenance, then we can think of a formal style where shrubs must be trimmed and if we also have annuals and perennials, they need time and effort.

On the other hand, if we have flowering bushes in groups, they require a little routine attention once they are establis hed and some occasional pruning.


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