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Elements of a good garden design

A good design does not need many things to surprise. Simplicity is often the golden rule, however, it depends on the design intent to choose the elements that will compose it.

Design is about creating patterns and bringing together different elements based on a concept.

The set of these elements should suggestively represent the concept of the design, that is, if my intention is to represent balance and harmony, then I will choose elements that represent these two abstract concepts either by their color, their shape or some other element. which clearly identifies them.

Most of the designs are the result of the mixture of the combination of plants and hard elements, so that as one moves away, the design becomes more pleasant.

Achieving harmony between the elements of the design will depend on the number of hard materials to choose and the number of vegetative elements. If you exaggerate in this choice, you can make the mistake of altering the harmonic and aesthetic balance.

We must also take into account the texture of the elements, since this helps us to visually “read” what we want to transmit through the senses.

For example, the combination of bricks and pine trees works very well for a design in a mountain cabin, but not for the backyard of a Parisian cafe.

By choosing the elements we are giving shape and life to our concept, these combined elements are the ones that will finally project the "climate" of our creation.


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