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Difference between decorating a garden or designing it

We often wonder if design and decoration are the same, especially when we are looking for a professional to help us improve or create our garden from scratch.

At this time we realize that we do not know who to turn to so that they can give us the help we want.

Among the options we have are gardeners, decorators or exterior designers.

Everyone can be a good fit as they are all professionals in their field, the difference is that everyone has different skills.

Design is a creative activity that aims to project objects that are useful and aesthetic.

The garden designer develops a design based on a concept, to serve as a model in its realization. He contemplates details and projects his idea completely without leaving anything unjustified. Additionally, it establishes a detailed plan for the execution of that idea.

The garden designer works together with different groups of professionals such as gardeners, who are what physically execute each action in the designer's plan to achieve the design idea as it was imagined, on the site.

It also works as a team with professionals from other disciplines such as those in charge of the irrigation and lighting systems, who contribute their knowledge in their corresponding areas to establish the appropriate and efficient systems that complement the design of the area to be intervened.

Decoration, on the other hand, is the placement and combination of functional and ornamental elements in a place or space to embellish, decorate or create a certain effect.

This technique of arranging elements is very useful and complements garden design very well, however they are two different things.

A design establishes and justifies from the beginning, each element that is contemplated in its creation, from a bush, tree, pot to a pergola or furniture created to harmonize with the concept chosen by the designer.

In this way, the next time we look for "someone" to help us with our garden, we must first think about whether we want to place or combine ornamental elements, have them cut our grass or prune our plants, or if our objective is to create a more complete environment so that every detail is contemplated and designed especially for our space.


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