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Way of working

1. Site inspection
  • Physical visit for the evaluation of the conditions of the place and the taking of measures.

  • Conversation with the client about their ideas, needs, wishes and preferences.

3. Submission of proposal
  • A (virtual) meeting is coordinated to present the proposal and the necessary adjustments/changes are analyzed.

  • For this meeting, 50% of the total cost of the design must be paid in advance.

  • Within this cost, only two meetings are included for major adjustments or changes*.

  • This proposal includes an item corresponding to the cost of materials and construction.

5. Delivery of work
  • One day before the finished project is delivered, the entire cost of the work must be paid.

2. Design quote
  • Based on the complexity of the project and the dimensions of the site, an economic design proposal is prepared.

  • The minimum cost of each design is USD $250 + VAT

  • Does not include the cost of materials or construction of the work.

4. Construction site
  • Once the final proposal and the budget for the work have been approved, construction begins.

  • In this step, the other 50% of the cost of the design must be paid, before starting the construction of the work.

  • To start the work, you must deposit 60% of the total cost of the work and sign an agreement with the specifications of the work to be carried out and the delivery time.

  • Includes three inspection visits during the development of the work. The additional ones will have an extra cost.

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The inner garden looked very simple and lifeless. After the design and renovation process, it had a huge turnaround. It became the topic of conversation for anyone who was visiting.
A professional job from start to finish. Responsibility and punctuality among other qualities make Natural Sketch a great experience.

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